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Cover designed by Natalie Berger
Cover designed by Natalie Berger

About “The Maiden’s Courage”

The best man on the pirate ship is a girl named Alex.

Alexandra “Alex” Gardner is the reluctant cabin boy on The Bloody Maiden, a ruthless pirate ship run by the charmingly evil Captain Montgomery. The crew is convinced she’s a boy, and she hopes it stays that way until she has the chance to avenge the deaths of her mother and brother at the hands of the crew. All goes well until the ship takes a handsome captive. Could her feelings for him ruin her charade?

Sebastian Whitley is a young man in love. He sails on his father’s ship, trying to find the beautiful girl he’s lost. When he’s captured by The Bloody Maiden, the annoying cabin boy saves his life – and makes it more difficult at the same time. His savior is actually a girl, and if Sebastian doesn’t keep quiet, it could mean both their deaths.

Together, they have to thwart a mutiny, get revenge, and get off the ship before Alex’s secret is revealed. If not, it’s the plank for both of them.

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