Crafty Monday: Food Edition

I love baking. Cooking, somewhat. But baking? I LOVE it. I used to own a home-based bakery in Michigan, and taught cake decorating for a year once I got down to Kentucky. It’s kind of funny that, for my first Crafty Monday: Food Edition entry, I’m posting about something that isn’t baked.

Like many people, I’ve discovered the addictive joy of Pinterest (I’m “Mary Lynne Gibbs” there…creative, I know). I’ve spent many hours adding things to my boards (called “pinning”). Last night, I decided to try one of my pins. My first attempt: The Peanut Butter Energy Bites from Anna over at Crunchy Creamy Sweet. Taking simple ingredients and putting them together in ball form, these energy bites give us something amazingly easy, delicious, and healthy. My pre-teen daughter is hooked. I daresay, I am too.

At work (I’m a very part-time sales associate at a local craft store), I help people find what they need to do the crafts they love. More often than not, people come in who’ve decided to try something for the first time. One older couple decided to try a sun catcher made from melted pony beads…that they found on Pinterest. They looked so excited to try something new! I hope they come back. They promised they’d bring pictures to show me.

This year, I want to try to do something new, and hopefully healthy, every week. It’s been a month so far, and I’m having fun with it. “Healthy” doesn’t have to just be for the body. It could be for the brain. Heck, it could be a craft or hobby, too. In writing, I decided to take part in my first Twitter contest (see last week’s “Sun VS Snow” entry). Doing things like this keeps me on my toes. I find that I’m more engaged, excited, and adaptable by spicing up what could be a dull winter period. I’ve found it’s great for my writing, too.

What, if anything, are you trying for the first time this year? Have you tried anything from Pinterest?  Go ahead and list it here! If it’s not on Pinterest, that’s cool, too.

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