Yeah…I’m not that excited about it, but the kids have this week off. The Snowpocalypse hit our little part of the world, and everything’s at a standstill. No school, closed businesses…not even Starbucks! My chickens (I have six ladies) refuse to come out of their coop. I don’t blame them. I don’t want to walk on that evil, white crap, either. Yesterday, I had to let them out and feed them, and ended up falling on the garage floor. I have a lovely bruise on my wrist now.

It could be worse. I don’t have anywhere to go, and the house is warm. Plus, we thought far enough ahead to get groceries. We had to go anyway, so we didn’t need to hoard milk or bread. The best part is that I can snuggle up on the couch, under the covers, with my pups…and write.

It’s an awesome job to have.

Speaking of writing, I’ve broken the 30,000 word mark on my work-in-progress! It’ll be harder to get good numbers this week with the kids home and providing distractions, but it’ll be a good test of the “Don’t Bother Mom When She’s Writing” rule. I’ll have to report back next week with the new total.

Anyone else dealing with snow days? What do you do to keep your kids busy while you’re working at home? Older kids, younger kids…even furkids!

The neighbor’s house from my bedroom window

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