Hey! Where Did March Go?

It seems like the month just started, and now it’s almost over. To be fair, I’ve been pretty busy. I’m about 70% done with the current WIP (*YA, F), and I’ve started a major overhaul of the manuscript I’ve been trying to find an agent for (*A, UF). I also had to work my “mundane” job, and I had a baby shower cake to make for a co-worker’s shower.

For those who don’t know, I’m a former cake decorating teacher who used to own her own business before I moved from Michigan. I was asked by the shower hostess to make the cake. I’ve made a bunch of cakes in the past. Taught it for a year. Nothing to be nervous about, right? HA! I made myself crazy. Nothing went right. Everything went wrong. I felt like such a failure, even though it looked cute, the mom-to-be loved it, and everyone else enjoyed it.

It’s funny how we perceive what we create compared to what others see. Looking at it now, I guess it’s not so bad. Deep in the throes of confectionary anguish? It was horrible. Maybe, if we take a breath and step back, we can see through clearer eyes. This can go not just for the things we create, but how we are in general. Maybe we’re not *that* bad. Maybe life isn’t that bad.

I have another cake to do this weekend, but I’ve been able to pace myself with this one. Less stress. More time to work. No one in the house to distract me. I’ll tell you how it goes.

In the meantime, the shower cake in question.

Wow. I look terrible in that shot. 😉


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