The Updated Penguicon Schedule of Awesomeness

My latest appearance schedule. Of course, it is subject to change. There’s always a possibility that I’ll be pulled onto a panel at the last minute.

Once again, the names of the panels have been shortened/no room names given – because I’m kind of lazy. But you’ll get the drift once you’re there.

4/24/15 – Free! Well, not really. I have friends coming out to visit. But if you see me, say hi!

4/25/15 – 4:00pm – Traditional vs Self Publishing (Small Press, too!)
5:00pm – Rejection (how we crazy people cope with it)
9:00pm – You Can’t Kill the Undead (see, I knew this one!)

4/26/15 – 9:00am – Ebooks (how did I get on this one? As a reader, I prefer real books. As a writer? I’m totally cool with them.)
11:00am – Scriptwriting (a Film Track panel!)

This year, I’ll have ribbons to give out – but only 8 available. Want one? The code phrase is: ARRR, MATEY!

See you at Penguicon!

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