The Snoopy Sno Cone Machine Post

On Facebook, I invited people to come up with a topic for me to post about. One poster (hey, Bill!) suggested I write about the Snoopy Sno Cone Machine. It was first introduced to the public, and every kid I knew wanted one. I mean, come on! Snoopy! Snow cones! What could go wrong?

I wouldn’t know. We were too poor. I never got one (I did, however, get a Voltron toy, but that’s another – lengthy – blog post).

Fast forward x number of years, to my daughter seeing the classic Sno Cone Machine at the toy store. At last! I think. I can play with my daughter AND enjoy something from my youth! We bought it, and took it home. Happy daughter. Happy mother.

Wow. That was short lived.

It didn’t work! And when it did work, it didn’t work! My daughter wasn’t so broken up about it. She wasn’t six when it came out. She didn’t feel the thrill of seeing the commercials with happy kids for the first time. I was upset. Now, I realize it’s similar to a lot of crappy things in life. We get so excited, because we WANT IT. Then, we realize it’s not so great. In fact, it’s kind of a disappointment. We didn’t need it as much as we thought we did. We’re better off without the crappy stuff we thought we needed, so we can have more room for the good stuff we could actually use.

Oh. And that sno cone machine? Recalled. You can read about it here. Is there a toy from your childhood that you’ve always wanted but never got? Or you got it, and was vastly disappointed? Comment below!

As a bonus, here’s my very professional artist’s rendering. This is why I don’t draw:

Artist Representation. Not full scale.
Artist Representation. Not full scale.

One thought on “The Snoopy Sno Cone Machine Post

  1. You rock Mary! I bought my daughter the Slurpee machine when she was little, it was just as disappointing as the Snoopy was to me when I was little. Stupid advertising geniuses!!!


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