I need to get serious for a minute.

In the wake of Caitlyn Jenner’s (formerly Bruce) reveal as the woman she wanted to be, people are saying things like “she’s brave” or “she’s a hero.” Other people counter this with images of soldiers. Though I agree that yes, soldiers are heroes, so is Caitlyn. Know who else is brave? The girl who comes forward to speak against her rapist. The boy who stands up to bullying. The woman who leaves her abusive spouse. The man who travels to another country to make a better life for his family. The writer who sends out their manuscript to publishers/agents. The actor who goes to an audition. Police, firemen, soldiers. They’re brave, but we see bravery in our every day life. You’ve done brave things, too. You’ve kept going in the face of adversity. You didn’t give up when you were rejected. You’re brave.

Caitlyn is, too. Being in the public eye is hard. Everyone’s watching, and one false move can ruin your life. Even if that false move is the best move for YOU. It’s  pretty darn brave to do something so many people frown upon, don’t you think? She’s also a hero, in a way. Despite her fear, she did it. There are more trans people out there, terrified. What she did is become an example for them. She gave them hope. She opened up dialogue about the topic.  That’s pretty brave, and makes her a hero in her own way. Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and job titles. Just like bravery.

There is no one face of bravery. It’s not an absolute word with a singular meaning (meaning, not definition). There’s no need to dismiss or diminish people. Embrace people, good people, for who they are, for being ALIVE can be a pretty darn brave thing, too.

Comments are welcome, HOWEVER, rudeness is not. Please refrain from rude language, etc. This is a place for discussion, not poop flinging. Thank you.