Pitching, Editing, & Baking…Oh, My!

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, I admit. I guess this will have to be an epic brain dump to get everyone caught up on what I’ve been doing. Things I’ve learned. Stuff like that.

At the end of August/beginning of September, I entered my YA (young adult) fantasy “Dragon’s Curse” into a contest on Twitter called #PitchWars. Pitch Wars is the brainchild of writer Brenda Drake (www.brenda-drake.com). She’s pretty much an angel in the writing community. Along with our entry, which consisted of the query letter and first chapter, authors select five potential mentors from a pretty extensive list. I chose my five, and the game was on. In the meantime, Twitter lit up with #PitchWars tweets. Questions about characters, plots, etc. popped up as part of the conversation, and so many people took part! I made a ton of new Twitter-friends. Inspiring, awesome people. Sadly, I didn’t get selected for the second phase: the mentor round. It’s okay, because I did receive lovely feedback from a couple of the potential mentors I’d chosen. I was actually kind of relieved that I wasn’t chosen, because the very next week was one of my FAVORITE times of the year.


PitMad is another of Brenda’s babies (see? the woman is amazing!). Authors tweet “pitches” of their books to try to gain the interest of agents and publishers. If the pros like your pitch, they give you a star. That’s an invitation to query. Earlier in the year, I took part and had the interest of an agent. Lightning struck twice, apparently, because no sooner had I tweeted my first pitch, I got a star. Color.Me.Floored. I immediately sent off my package. I still have to resubmit to the first agent, who very graciously said that if I did a revision, I could and resub to her.

Full disclosure: I’m a chicken poop!
I’m getting better…

Onto EDITING. Wow. That’s all I seem to have been doing lately! First, Dragon’s Curse, because it had to be ready for #PitchWars and #PitMad. Now that it’s in Queryland, I’m back at working on the revamp (haha!) of Cake or Death.

Speaking of cake, I made my co-worker’s wedding cake. Wow. That was an adventure. Up until the morning of the wedding, it looked like CRAP. Inspiration struck, and I was able to save it. Kind of like editing. But editing isn’t edible.

The wild wedding cake in its natural habitat

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