Brain Dump

Sorry for my silence for the past couple months. The end of 2015 was little crazy in Mary-land. Between two novels (a YA fantasy and adult paranormal), I’ve been querying and editing like crazy! Can’t forget the holidays, either. Then…

January happened.

The entertainment industry suffered several losses, but so have I. My Angie-cat (aka “Angelina Kitterina”) died after her bout with cancer. She was a funny cat. Hated treats (she thought we were trying to poison her) but loved potato chips. Tolerated me, but adored my (allergic) husband. Liked to eat my and my daughter’s hair. As a kitten, she used to steal drinking straws. She loved to talk, too. She was always the one who “told” me when the community water dish was empty. I’ll miss her.

I’ll try to be a little more present on the blog. I really hope 2016 is kinder!

Angie at Halloween. She wasn’t thrilled with her costume.


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