An Air Fryer? What’s That?

After hearing glowing reviews from others (including a friend), we decided to try out an air fryer. They are a convection hybrid that uses only a spoonful of oil as opposed to deep frying. I admit, I was curious. You can cook entire meals, side dishes, or even snacks. We bought the T-Fal brand, which comes with its own measuring spoon, but there are others available. This one happened to be on clearance.

T-Fal Air Fryer (cooking steak)

The first test: stir fry. I found a suitable recipe on Pinterest (of course!), and off we went. It was very easy to make, and took a total of 15 minutes to prepare. The results?

Stir fry. Cooked in sesame oil, tossed in hoisin sauce, and served with lo mein noodles

Success! Everything was cooked just right, and tasted great. Clean up is super easy, too. Just pop the pan out of the machine and wash it in the dish washer.

Our next project? Fajitas!


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