My Pinterest Obsession

My name is Mary, and I’m a Pinterest addict.

I’m totally unashamed of that. In fact, I’d happily sing its praises. I’ve got *quite a few* (haha…way more than “a few”) boards filled with pins I’d like to try, things that inspire me, and things I’ve tried/made/written. It’s a great way to help keep goals, and organize your thoughts.

Goal Keeping

One of my goals this year is to try something new at least once a week. Pinterest’s been great on that front! Right now, I’m forcing some bulbs in a glass vase, and I was very excited to see them start growing. I’ve tried (and liked!) a cool recipe for Peanut Butter Energy Bites. I’ve even found some helpful exercises for THAT goal. I’ve saved pins for gardening, jewelry making, and…of course…writing! There are some fun writing prompts to try.

Thought Organization

I fully admit to being creatively scatterbrained. If I don’t write stuff down, I’ll forget. I use Pinterest to help me with that. The boards and pins are all right there, waiting for me. Much better than on a bunch of sticky notes all over my desk.

A new trend for authors is to have inspiration boards for their works-in-progress. It’s FUN to put faces to  names, and places to settings. It also helps when you need to describe something, and it’s right there in full color. I recently needed to describe a mausoleum and used a couple of pins I found to do it.

Warm Fuzzies

Another fun thing to use Pinterest for: Memories – items from your childhood, or happy times/places. Oh, and things of beauty. Like puppies? Make a board! Love flowers? Make a board! Love dark, creepy houses with gorgeous architecture? Make a board!

That reminds me. I really need to make that house board.

So, what do you use Pinterest for?
Be sure to join me! I’m Pinterest – AuthorMLGibbs

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