Renewal: Dollhouse Edition

When I was 12, I went shopping with my parents. We passed an unfinished furniture store, and a gorgeous dollhouse caught my eye. I decided I HAD to have it. So, I saved every bit of money I could, then bought it for myself.

It sat in a box until I turned 18. My boyfriend at the time helped me put it together. Not the greatest, but I loved it. It was mine. I ended up marrying someone else, and my dollhouse sat in a place of honor for several years and two moves.

My husband’s work brought us to a new state, and there was no place for my dollhouse. It sat in a crate in the garage for eight years, until we converted a small, extra garage/storage area into an office/craft room. My Beacon Hill finally was HOME.

It doesn’t seem like it in the picture above, but it looked rough from the years of neglect (not to mention a bad paint job). I cleaned it up and sanded it to give myself a smooth surface. Then, I primed everything but the porches, the base, the shingles, and the chimney.

Priming starts!

It took a couple coats to get the blue covered. OH! I also took the sandpaper (yes, SANDPAPER) off the tops of the bay windows and primed those, too.

I wanted to stay close to the original color, but tone it down a little. I found a beautiful blue that fit perfectly. I even painted the shutters black. Now, it POPPED.

There were just two more things I wanted to do to make the house look the way I wanted: wood for the porch, and copper for the windows.

Real wood dollhouse flooring from Jeepers Miniatures.
Yes, that’s real copper sheeting, specifically for crafting. A PAIN to install, but it’s gorgeous!

And here it is! Ugh. It’s so pretty. I’m THRILLED by the progress. I have to add copper to the rounded windows, and touch up paint in a couple of places (and remove paint from the windows), but the exterior is done! Next up: the ::gulp:: interior. That’s going to be a little harder. Carpet and wallpaper to remove. Rewiring (probably). Plus all the sanding, painting, and redecorating.

Thanks for reading!

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